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1. feed


Sinonimi: feed upon

(Irregular preterit, past participle: fed).
1. To provide as food.
2. To serve as food for; be the food for.
3. To take in food; used of animals only: SYN. eat.
4. To give food to; SYN. grub, give.
5. To introduce continuously; as into a machine or processor; SYN. feed in.
6. To support or promote.
7. To feed into; supply.
8. To gratify; SYN. feast.

2. purvey


1. To furnish or provide, as with a convenience, provisions, or the like.
2. To procure; to get.

3. supply


Sinonimi: provide | render | furnish

To provide or furnish with; SYN. provide, render, furnish.
In economics, the production of goods or services for a market in anticipation of an expected demand. The level of supply is determined by the price of the product, the cost of production, the level of technology available for production, and the price of other goods. There is no guarantee that supply will match actual demand.

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