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1. accommodate


Sinonimi: hold | admit | reconcile | conciliate

ETYM See Accommodation.
1. To have room for; hold without crowding; SYN. hold, admit.
2. To make compatible with; SYN. reconcile, conciliate.
3. To provide with something desired or needed.
4. Be agreeable or acceptable to
5. Make fit for, or change to suit a new purpose
6. Provide with something desired or needed
7. Provide housing for
8. Provide a service or favour for someone

2. berth


To provide with a berth.

3. bestow


To give as a gift.

4. colocar


5. displace


Sinonimi: force out | uproot | deracinate

1. To force to move; SYN. force out.
2. To move (people) forcibly from their homeland into a new and foreign environment; SYN. uproot, deracinate.
3. To take the place of.

6. establish


Sinonimi: set up | found | launch | found | plant | constitute | institute | base | ground | found | give

1. To set up or found; SYN. set up, found, launch.
2. To set up or lay the groundwork for; SYN. found, plant, constitute, institute.
3. To use as a basis for; found on; SYN. base, ground, found.
4. To bring about; SYN. give.

7. house


Sinonimi: put up

1. To contain or cover
2. To provide housing for; SYN. put up.

8. place


Sinonimi: localize | come in | come out

1. To put something somewhere:
2. To establish somebody in a particular situation or location:
3. To identify the location or place of; SYN. localize.
4. To assign to (a job or a home).
5. To estimate:
6. To sing a note with the correct pitch.
7. To take a place in a competition; often followed by an ordinal; SYN. come in, come out.
8. To arrange for or to make;,

9. pump


1. To raise with a pump; said of gases or fluids.
2. To operate like a pump; move up and down, like a handle or a pedal.
3. To draw or pour with a pump.
4. To flow intermittently.
5. To move up and down, as of weights.
6. To question persistently
7. To supply in great quantities
8. To deliver forth, especially bullets from a gun

10. settle


Sinonimi: take root | steady down | settle down | halt | get back | square off | square up | determine | settle down | locate | relocate

1. To accept despite complete satisfaction
2. To arrange or fix in the desired order
3. To become resolved, fixed, established, or quiet
4. To become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style; SYN. take root, steady down, settle down.
5. To cause to settle, as of liquids.
6. To come to rest; SYN. halt.
7. To dispose of; make a financial settlement.
8. To end a legal dispute by arriving at a settlement
9. To establish or develop as a residence:
10. To form a community
11. To get one's revenge for a wrong or an injury; SYN. get back.
12. To settle conclusively; come to terms; SYN. square off, square up, determine.
13. To settle into a position; SYN. settle down.
14. To take up residence and become established; SYN. locate, relocate.

11. station


Sinonimi: post | base | send | place

To assign to a station; SYN. post, base, send, place.

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