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Prevod reči: sloziti

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složiti [ glagol ]

assort [ glagol ]
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To distribute into groups of a like kind; classify
To supply with an assortment (as of goods)
To agree in kind; harmonize
To keep company; associate

compose [ glagol ]
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To write music; SYN. write.
To write prose; SYN. write.
To put together out of existing material; SYN. compile.
To form the substance of
To calm (someone, esp. oneself); make quiet.

conciliate [ glagol ]
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To win over or reconcile; to gain the good will or favor of; to make friendly; to mollify; to propitiate; to appease.

pigeonhole [ glagol ]
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To treat or classify according to a mental stereotype; SYN. stereotype, stamp.
To assign to an often restrictive category; classify

put up [ glagol ]
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To mount or put up; SYN. provide, offer.
To provide; SYN. contribute.

set up [ glagol ]
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To begin, or enable someone else to begin, a venture by providing the means, logistics, etc.
To get ready for a particular purpose or event; SYN. lay out. setup, set-up

unify [ glagol ]
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To become one; SYN. unite, merge.

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