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Nejak, slabašan, nemoćan, malaksao.

1. asthenic


ETYM Greek asthenikos; a priv. + sqenos strength.
Having a slender physique.

2. bauch


3. brittle


Sinonimi: brickle | brickly | unannealed

ETYM Old Eng. britel, brutel, AS. bryttian to dispense, from breótan to break; akin to Icel. brytja, Swed. bryta, Dan. bryde. Related to Brickle.
1. Having little elasticity; hence easily cracked or fractured or snapped; SYN. brickle, brickly.
2. Lacking warmth and generosity of spirit.
3. (Of metal or glass) Not annealed and consequently easily cracked or fractured; SYN. unannealed.

4. delicate


Sinonimi: ticklish | fragile | frail | soft

ETYM Latin delicatus pleasing the senses, voluptuous, soft and tender; akin to deliciae delight: cf. French délicat. Related to Delight.
1. Difficult to handle; requiring great tact; SYN. ticklish.
2. Easily broken or damaged or destroyed; SYN. fragile, frail.
3. Easily hurt; SYN. soft.
4. Exquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing; susceptible to injury.
5. Marked by great skill especially in meticulous technique.
6. Said of an instrument or device: capable of registering minute differences or changes precisely.

5. dicky


Sinonimi: dickey

Sick, unwell; faulty; not reliable
(British informal) Faulty; SYN. dickey.

6. distant


Sinonimi: remote | removed | remote | removed

ETYM French, from Latin distans, -antis, p. pr. of distare to stand apart, be separate or distant; dis- + stare to stand. Related to Stand.
1. Far apart in relevance or relationship.
2. Far distant in space; SYN. remote, removed.
3. Far distant in time; SYN. remote, removed.
4. Separated in space or time or coming from or going to a distance.

7. dull


Sinonimi: thudding | thumping | slow | sluggish | muffled | muted | softened | gray | grey | leaden

1. Not having a sharp edge or point.
2. Blunted in responsiveness or sensibility.
3. Lacking in liveliness or animation.
4. Not clear and resonant; sounding as if striking with or against something relatively soft; SYN. thudding, thumping.
5. (Of business) Not active or brisk; SYN. slow, sluggish.
6. Not keenly felt.
7. (Of color) Very low in saturation; highly diluted.
8. Being or made softer or less loud or clear; SYN. muffled, muted, softened.
9. Darkened with overcast; SYN. gray, grey, leaden.
10. Emitting or reflecting very little light.

8. effete


ETYM Latin effetus that has brought forth, exhausted; ex + fetus that has brought forth. Related to Fetus.
1. Marked by self-indulgence or triviality.
2. Incapable of efficient action; no longer productive.
3. Worn out with age; exhausted of energy.
4. No longer capable of producing young, as an animal, or fruit, as the earth.
Weak or worn-out; degenerate.
Degenerated; sterile; worn-out.

9. enervate


Lacking physical, mental, or moral vigor; enervated.

10. enervous


11. faint


Sinonimi: fainthearted | timid | feeble | light | swooning | light-headed

(Homonym: feint).
1. Barely perceptible; lacking clarity or brightness or loudness etc.
2. Indistinctly understood or felt or perceived.
3. Lacking conviction or boldness or courage; SYN. fainthearted, timid.
4. Lacking strength or vigor; SYN. feeble.
5. Weak and likely to lose consciousness; SYN. light, swooning, light-headed.

12. feckless


Sinonimi: inept

ETYM Perh. a corruption of effectless.
1. Generally incompetent and ineffectual; SYN. inept.
2. Not fit to assume responsibility.
Feeble; helpless; futile; ineffectual.

13. feeble


Sinonimi: nerveless | lame

1. Lacking strength; SYN. nerveless.
2. Pathetically lacking in force or effectiveness; SYN. lame.

14. flabby


Sinonimi: flaccid

Lacking firmness or stiffness; SYN. flaccid.

15. flaccid


Sinonimi: lax | limp | slack

ETYM Latin flaccidus, from flaccus flabby: cf. Old Fren. flaccide.
Lacking in strength or firmness or resilience; SYN. lax, limp, slack.

16. flagging


1. Languid, weak
2. Becoming progressively less; dwindling

17. flimsy


Sinonimi: slight | tenuous | thin | fragile | light

1. Having little substance or significance; SYN. slight, tenuous, thin.
2. Lacking solidity or strength; SYN. fragile.
3. Very thin and insubstantial; SYN. light.

18. forceless


Sinonimi: unforceful | weak

Lacking force; feeble; SYN. unforceful, weak.

19. fragile


ETYM Latin fragilis, from frangere to break; cf. French fragile. Related to Break, Frail.
Vulnerably delicate.

20. frail


Physically weak.

21. imbecile


1. One of feeble mind.
2. An idiot.

22. impotent


ETYM French impotent Latin impotens -entis; pref. im- not + potens potent powerful. Related to Potent.
1. Lacking power or ability.
2. (Of a male) Unable to copulate.
Weak; powerless; sexually incapable.

23. infirm


ETYM Latin infirmus: cf. French infirme. Related to In- not, and Firm.
Lacking firmness of will or character or purpose.

24. languid


ETYM Latin languidus, from languere to be faint or languid: cf. French languide. Related to Languish.
1. Drooping or flagging from exhaustion; indisposed to exertion; without animation; weak; weary; heavy; dull.
2. Slow in progress; tardy.
3. Promoting or indicating weakness or heaviness.

25. languorous


ETYM From Languor: cf. French langoureux.
Producing, or tending to produce, languor; characterized by languor.

26. lax


Sinonimi: loose | slack

(Homonym: lacks)
1. Not taut or rigid; not stretched or held tight.
2. Emptying easily or excessively; SYN. loose.
3. Lacking in rigor or strictness; SYN. slack.
4. (Phonetics) Pronounced with muscles relatively relaxed (e.g., the vowel sound in 'bet').

27. lean


Sinonimi: skimpy

(Homonym: lien).
1. Containing little excess; SYN. skimpy.
2. Not fat; skinny; trim.
3. Lacking in mineral content or combustible material.
4. Not profitable or prosperous.
5. (Metallurgy) Low in mineral content.

28. limp


Sinonimi: wilted

ETYM Cf. Icel. limpa limpness, weakness, and Eng. lap, lop.
Not firm; SYN. wilted.

29. low


Sinonimi: low-pitched | low-toned

(Homonym: lo).
1. Being at or having a relatively small elevation or upward extension.
2. Less than normal in degree or intensity or amount.
3. Unrefined in character.
4. Used of sounds and voices; low in pitch or frequency; SYN. low-pitched.
5. Very low in volume; SYN. low-toned.

30. meagre


1. Having little flesh; thin
2. Lacking desirable qualities (as richness or strength); deficient in quality or quantity

31. mild


Moderate in type or degree or effect or force; far from extreme

32. milk


Sinonimi: milky | milklike | whitish

Resembling milk in color or cloudiness; not clear; SYN. milky, milklike, whitish.

33. pale


Sinonimi: pallid | wan | pallid | wan | pallid

(Homonym: pail).
1. (Of light) Lacking in intensity or brightness; dim or feeble; SYN. pallid, wan.
2. Abnormally deficient in color as suggesting physical or emotional distress; SYN. pallid, wan.
3. Lacking in vitality or interest or effectiveness; SYN. pallid.
4. Not full or rich.
5. Very light colored; highly diluted with white.

34. poor


(Homonym: pore, pour).
1. Having little money or few possessions.
2. Characterized by or indicating lack of money.
3. Badly supplied with desirable qualities or substances.
4. Low in degree.
5. Unsatisfactory.

35. powerless


Sinonimi: weak

Lacking power; SYN. weak.

36. queer


1. At variance with what is usual or normal; differing in some odd way from what is ordinary; odd; singular; strange.
2. Mysterious; suspicious; questionable.
3. (Slang) Homosexual; esp., overtly homosexual.

37. rickety


Sinonimi: shaky | wobbly | wonky

1. Inclined to shake as from weakness or defect; SYN. shaky, wobbly, wonky.
2. Lacking stability or firmness; shaky

38. short


Sinonimi: shortest | unforbearing | shortsighted | unforesightful

1. Low in stature; not tall
2. Primarily spatial sense; having little length or lacking in length
3. Most direct; SYN. shortest.
4. (Prosody) Used of syllables that are unaccented or of relatively brief duration.
5. (Phonetics) Of speech sounds (especially vowels) of relatively short duration (as e.g. the English vowel sounds in 'pat', 'pet', 'pit', 'pot', putt').
6. (Of memory) Deficient in retentiveness or range
7. Primarily temporal sense; indicating or being or seeming to be limited in duration
8. (Finance) Not holding securities or commodities that one sells in expectation of a fall in prices
9. Unwilling to endure; SYN. unforbearing.
10. Lacking foresight or scope; SYN. shortsighted, unforesightful.
11. Containing a large amount of shortening; therefore tender and easy to crumble or break into flakes

39. sick


1. Affected with disease of any kind; ill; indisposed; not in health.
2. Affected with, or attended by, nausea; inclined to vomit
3. Having a strong dislike; having had more than enough of

40. sickly


Sinonimi: diseased | ailing | infirm | weakly | unhealthy | healthless | weak | feeble | languid | faint

1. Somewhat sick; disposed to illness; afflicted with disease
2. Producing, or tending to, disease
3. Appearing as if sick; weak; languid; pale.
4. Tending to produce nausea; sickening; SYN. diseased, ailing, infirm, weakly, unhealthy, healthless, weak, feeble, languid, faint.

41. slack


Flowing with little speed as e.g. at the turning of the tide

42. sleazy


ETYM Cf. German schleissig worn out, threadbare, from schleissen to slit, split, decay, or Eng. leasy.
Of cloth; thin and loosely woven.
1. Lacking firmness of texture; flimsy; carelessly made of inferior materials; shoddy.
2. Marked by low character or quality; squalid, dilapidated.

43. slender


Sinonimi: thin | slight | slim | slim

1. Having little width in proportion to the length or height
2. Very narrow; SYN. thin.
3. Being of delicate or light build; SYN. slight, slim.
4. Small in quantity; SYN. slim.

44. slight


(Homonym: sleight).
1. Having a slim or delicate build; not stout or massive in body; lacking in strength or substance; flimsy, frail; deficient in weight, solidity, or importance; trivial.
2. Small of its kind or in amount.

45. slim


Slender; attractively thin; very small

46. soft


1. Lacking in hardness relatively or comparatively.
2. Metaphorically soft
3. Of sound; relatively low in volume
4. Of speech sounds; characterized by a hissing or hushing sound (as 's' and 'sh').

47. tender


Sinonimi: untoughened | vulnerable

1. Physically untoughened; SYN. untoughened.
2. Susceptible to physical or emotional injury; SYN. vulnerable.
3. Given to sympathy or gentleness or sentimentality
4. Easy to cut or chew
5. (Of plants) Not hardy; easily killed by adverse growing condition

48. tepid


ETYM Latin tepidus, from tepere to be warm; akin to Skr. tap to be warm, tapas heat.
Slightly warm; lukewarm (said principally of water).

49. thin


Sinonimi: lean

1. Of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section
2. Lacking excess flesh; SYN. lean.
3. Lacking spirit or sincere effort
4. Relatively thin in consistency or low in density; not viscous
5. (Of sound) Lacking resonance or volume

50. unsound


1. Not in good condition; damaged or decayed
2. Not sound financially
3. Of e.g. advice.

51. unwell


Not well; indisposed; not in good health; somewhat ill; ailing.

52. wandought


53. washy


ETYM From Wash.
Lacking strength or vigor.

54. wastrel


Sinonimi: waster

Dissipates resources self-indulgently; SYN. waster.

55. weak


(Homonym: week).
1. Lacking physical strength or vigor.
2. Having little physical or spiritual strength.
3. (Grammar) Used of verbs having standard (or regular) inflection.

56. wearish


tasteless; savourless

57. wormery


place where worms are bred

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