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Prevod reči: skrenuti

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skrenuti [ glagol ]

avert [ glagol ]
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To turn away or aside; SYN. turn away.

call away [ glagol ]
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call off [ glagol ]
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To summon away; to divert; as, to call off the attention; to call off workmen from their employment.

convert [ glagol ]
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To cause to adopt a different faith.
To change from one system to another; SYN. change over.
To change in nature; esp. undergo a chemical change.
To change religious beliefs, or adopt a religious belief.
To change the nature of something.
To make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something; SYN. win over, convince, turn.

switch [ glagol ]
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ETYM Prov. Eng.
To make a shift in or exchange of; SYN. change over, shift, turn around.
To lay aside, abandon, or leave for another; SYN. shift, change.

deflect [ glagol ]
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To turn aside; SYN. deviate.
To turn from a straight course or fixed direction; SYN. bend, turn away.

deviate [ glagol ]
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ETYM Latin de + via way, road.
To be at variance with; be out of line with; SYN. vary, diverge, depart.
To cause to turn away from a previous or expected course.
To turn aside; turn away from; SYN. divert.

digress [ glagol ]
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To turn aside esp. from the main subject of attention or course of argument in writing or speaking; SYN. stray, divagate, wander.

divert [ glagol ]
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To send on a course or in a direction different from the planned or intended one.

shunt [ glagol ]
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To provide with or divert by means of an electrical shunt.
To transfer to another track, of trains.

skew [ glagol ]
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To turn or place at an angle

stray [ glagol ]
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To wander from a direct course or at random; SYN. err, drift.
To wander from a direct or straight course; SYN. sidetrack, depart, digress, straggle.

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