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skoro [ prilog ]

about [ prilog ]
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Slightly short of or not quite accomplished; ('most' is used informally for 'almost' as in). (Of actions or states)
All around or on all sides; SYN. around.
In or to a reversed position or direction; SYN. around.
In rotation or succession
In the area or vicinity; SYN. around.
To or among many different places or in no particular direction; SYN. around.

all but [ prilog ]
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Very nearly; almost
(of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but

almost [ prilog ]
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ETYM AS. ealmaest, aelmaest, quite the most, almost all; eal (Old Eng. al) all + maest most.
Nearly; all but; for the greatest part.

erelong [ prilog ]
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Before long; soon. SYN. ere long

freshly [ prilog ]
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Recently, lately; in a fresh way, vigorously

late [ prilog ]
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ETYM as. late. Related to Late.
At an advanced age or stage.
Later than usual or than expected; SYN. belatedly, tardily.

last [ predlog ]
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More recently than any other time; SYN. most recently.
The item at the end; SYN. lastly, in conclusion, finally.

nearly [ prilog ]
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In a close manner or relationship
Almost but not quite; to the least extent

newly [ prilog ]
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Lately; recently.
Anew; afresh; freshly.

nigh [ prilog ]
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Near in place, time, or relationship — often used with on, onto, or unto
Nearly; almost

quasi [ prilog ]
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Apparently but not actually; also used in musical notation, as in sonata quasi fantasia (“sonata in the manner of a fantasia”).
As if; seemingly; in a manner

rather [ prilog ]
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ETYM as. hrathor, compar. of hrathe, hraethe, quickly, immediately. Related to Rath.
On the contrary; SYN. instead.
To some (great or small) extent; SYN. kind of, kinda, sort of.
More correctly speaking.
To the contrary; instead.
In some degree; somewhat — often used as a mild intensive.

recently [ prilog ]
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In the recent past; SYN. late, lately, of late, latterly.
Very recently; SYN. newly, freshly, fresh, new.

well-nigh [ prilog ]
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Almost; nearly.

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