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siv [ pridev ]

Sive boje. Sur, pepeljast.

achromic [ pridev ]
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ETYM Greek, colorless; a priv. + khroma color.
Having no color; SYN. achromous.

ashen [ pridev ]
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Ash-colored or anemic looking from illness or emotion; SYN. blanched, bloodless, livid, white.
Made of wood of the ash tree.

ashy [ pridev ]
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Pertaining to, or composed of, ashes; filled, or strewed with, ashes.
Ash-colored; whitish gray; deadly pale.

drabby [ pridev ]
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gray [ pridev ]
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Of an achromatic color of any lightness between the extremes of black and white; SYN. grey, grayish, greyish.
Clothed in gray or a gray costume.
Intermediate in character or position; SYN. grey.
Showing characteristics of age, especially having gray or white hair; SYN. grey, gray-haired, grey-haired, gray-headed, grey-headed, hoar, hoary, white-haired.
Used to signify the Confederate forces in the Civil War (who wore gray uniforms); SYN. grey.

grey [ pridev ]
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See gray.

grizzled [ pridev ]
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Having dark hairs mixed with gray or white.

grizzly [ pridev ]
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hoary [ pridev ]
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Ancient; SYN. rusty.

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