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1. match


Sinonimi: mate | lucifer | friction match

(Irregular plural: matches).
1. An exact duplicate; SYN. mate.
2. Something that resembles or harmonizes with.
3. Thin piece of wood or cardboard tipped with combustible chemical; ignites with friction; SYN. lucifer, friction match.
Small strip of wood or paper, tipped with combustible material for producing fire. Friction matches containing phosphorus were first made 1816 in France by François Derosne.
A safety match is one in which the oxidizing agent and the combustible body are kept apart, the former being incorporated into the striking surface on the side of the box, the latter into the match. Safety matches were patented by a Swede, J E Lundström, 1855. Book matches were invented in the us 1892 by Joshua Pusey.

2. matchbox



A box for holding matches. SYN. match-box

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