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muški rodelektrotehnika

Aparat koji prima, "oseća" i najtiše zvukove, titraje tela, vibracije, toplotu, vlagu i dr. pojave (lat.)

1. sense switch


2. sensor


A device that detects or measures something by converting nonelectrical energy to electrical energy. A photocell, for example, detects or measures light by converting it to electrical energy. See also transducer.
(Homonym: censer, censor).
That which senses; a device used to sense such states as temperature, pressure, etc.
In computing, a device designed to detect a physical state or measure a physical quantity, and produce an input signal for a computer.
For example, a sensor may detect the fact that a printer has run out of paper or may measure the temperature in a kiln.
The signal from a sensor is usually in the form of an analog voltage, and must therefore be converted to a digital signal, by means of an analog-to-digital converter, before it can be input.