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Prevod reči: sedeljka

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sedeljka [ ženski rod ]

Žur, žurka.

assession [ imenica ]
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reception [ imenica ]
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ETYM French réception, Latin receptio, from recipere, receptum. Related to Receive.
The act of receiving; SYN. receipt, receiving.
The manner in which something is greeted; SYN. response.
A formal party of people; as after a wedding.
Quality or fidelity of a received broadcast.
The act of catching a pass in football.

rout [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Fren. route, Late Lat. rupta, properly, a breaking, from Latin ruptus, p. p. of rumpere to break. Related to Rupture, reave, Rote repetition of forms, Route. In some senses this word has been confused with rout a bellowing, an uproar.
(Homonym: route).
A defeat in battle; SYN. discomfit, discomfiture.

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