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sauna [ ženski rod ]

Finsko parno kupatilo sa temperaturom do sto stepeni, posle kupanja i parenja, po finskom običaju, kupači skaču u hladnu vodu radi poboljšanja cirkulacije krvi u organizmu (fin.)

sauna [ imenica ]
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A Finnish steam bath; steam is produced by pouring water over heated rocks; SYN. sweat room.
Bath causing perspiration by means of dry heat. It consists of a small room in which the temperature is raised to about 90şC/200şF. The bather typically stays in it for only a few minutes and then follows it with a cold shower or swim. Saunas are popular in health clubs and sports centers.
The sauna derives from a Finnish dry-heat bath in which small quantities of steam can be produced by throwing cold water over hot stones; this is traditionally followed by a beating of the skin with birch twigs to stimulate the circulation, and a plunge into a lake or snow outdoors.

steam bath [ imenica ]
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A room that can be filled with steam in which people bathe; 'vapour bath' is a British term; SYN. steam room, vapor bath, vapour bath.

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