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Prevod reči: saucesnik

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saučesnik [ muški rod ]

accessory [ imenica ]
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A supplementary component; SYN. appurtenance, supplement.
Additional clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of one's main clothing (such as belts, scarves, or handbags); SYN. accoutrement, accouterment.
Someone who helps another person commit a crime; SYN. accomplice, accessary.

abetter [ imenica ]
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One who helps or encourages or incites another

abettor [ imenica ]
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One who helps or encourages or incites another; SYN. abetter.

accomplice [ imenica ]
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ETYM Ac- (perh. for the article a or for Latin ad) + Eng. complice. Related to Complice.
A helper.
An associate in the commission of a crime; a participator in an offense, whether a principal or an accessory.

actor [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin actor, from agere to act.
A person who acts and gets things done; SYN. doer, worker.
A theatrical performer; SYN. histrion, player, thespian, role player.
Performer who takes one or more role(s) in a play or film. In ancient Greece, the speaking actors were distinguished from the chorus, whereas in ancient Indian and in medieval Japanese drama, singing and dance or stylized movement characterized the performers. Body and (in unmasked drama) facial mobility, vocal control, and an ability to portray character and emotional states are skills that have been held in common by actors throughout the ages.

capper [ imenica ]
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One that caps: as a device that fits caps on bottles; finale, climax, clincher
A lure or decoy especially in an illicit or questionable activity; shill

complice [ imenica {arhaično, zastarelo} ]
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complier [ imenica ]
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One that complies.

confederate [ imenica ]
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Someone who assists in a plot; SYN. collaborator, henchman, partner in crime.

ram [ imenica ]
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ETYM as. ramm, ram; akin to Old High Germ. and Dutch ram, Prov. German ramm, and perh. to Icel. ramr strong.
A tool for driving or forcing something by impact.
Any of various guided pieces for exerting pressure or for driving or forcing something by impact: as the plunger of a hydrostatic press or force pump; the weight that strikes the blow in a pile driver.

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