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ženski rod

1. concentration


Sinonimi: engrossment | absorption | density | denseness | compactness

ETYM Cf. French concentration.
In chemistry, the amount of a substance (solute) present in a specified amount of a solution. Either amount may be specified as a mass or a volume (liquids only). Common units used are moles per cubic decimeter, grams per cubic decimeter, grams per 100 cubic centimeters, and grams per 100 grams.
The term also refers to the process of increasing the concentration of a solution by removing some of the substance (solvent) in which the solute is dissolved. In a concentrated solution, the solute is present in large quantities. Concentrated brine is around 30% sodium chloride in water; concentrated caustic soda (caustic liquor) is around 40% sodium hydroxide; and concentrated sulfuric acid is 98% acid.
1. Complete attention; intense mental effort; SYN. engrossment, absorption.
2. Increase in density.
3. Strengthening the concentration (as of a solute in a mixture) by removing extraneous material.
4. The spatial property of being crowded together; SYN. density, denseness, compactness.
5. The strength of a solution; number of molecules of a substance in a given volume (expressed as moles/cubic meter).
6. Bringing together military forces.

2. douceness


3. gathering of one's thoughts


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