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Prevod reči: sačuvati

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sačuvati [ glagol ]

conservate [ glagol ]
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hold [ glagol {N/A} ]
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(Irregular preterit, past participle: held).
To aim, point, or direct.
To assert or affirm.
To be the support of; also metaphorically; SYN. support, sustain, hold up.
To contain or hold; have within; SYN. bear, carry, contain.
To cover as for protection against noise or smell.
To have as a major characteristic.
To have or hold in one's hands; also metaphorically; SYN. take hold.
To hold the attention of.
To keep from departing.
1To keep from exhaling or expelling.
1To organize or be responsible for;,, etc.; SYN. throw, have, make, give.
1To remain committed to.
1To remain in a certain state, position, or condition.
1To stop dealing with.
1To support or hold in a certain manner; SYN. carry, bear.
1To take and maintain control over, often by violent means.

maintain [ glagol ]
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To keep in an existing state (as of repair, efficiency, or validity); preserve from failure or decline
To sustain against opposition or danger; uphold and defend
To continue or persevere in; carry on, keep up
To support or provide for; sustain
To affirm in or as if in argument; assert
To state or assert; SYN. defend.

need [ glagol ]
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(Homonym: knead).
To be in want of.
To have or feel a need for.

preserve [ glagol ]
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To keep in perfect or unaltered condition; SYN. maintain, keep up.
To prevent from rotting, of foods

protect [ glagol ]
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To shield from danger, injury, destruction, or damage
To use tariffs to favor domestic industry, in international trade.

retain [ glagol ]
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To keep in one's possession; SYN. hold, keep back, hold back.
To hire to represent; of legal counsel; SYN. engage.
To hold within
To keep in one's mind

save [ glagol ]
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To avoid the spending or waste of
To bring into safety; SYN. carry through, pull through, bring through.
To feather one's nest; have a nest egg; SYN. lay aside, save up.
To make unnecessary an expenditure or effort; SYN. make unnecessary.
To spend less; buy at a reduced price.
To keep up and reserve for personal or special use:; SYN. preserve, conserve.

sačuvati [ glagol {računari} ]

Snimiti na disk, smestiti podatke u trajnom obliku, obično na disk.

save [ glagol {računari} ]
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To write data (typically a file) to a storage medium, such as a disk or tape.

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