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1. Glavni korisnik na Juniks računaru. Zove se još i "korenski korisnik"; to je specijalna šifra k oja vam omogućava potpun pristup svim naredbama, direktorijumima i tajnim mestima na računaru.
2. Prvi i često jedini direktorijum, na disku. Korenski (osnovnii) direktorijum nema nekog značaja sve dok na disku nema poddirektorijuma i stabla sa njihovom strukturom. Onda se drugi direktorijumi - poddirektorijumi - granaju iz korenskog, kao stablo. U DOS-u, oznaka za korenski direktorijum je jedna obrnuta kosa c

1. root


1. The superuser on UNIX/Linux platforms. The root user (or simply root) in UNIX corresponds to the Administrator account on Microsoft Windows plat-forms and is the all-powerful account with virtually complete control over the system. Because of its extraordinary rights and privileges, root should always be protected with strong passwords, and only trusted individuals should be granted access to this account. The power of the account also makes it a prime target for attackers, however. The “quest for root” is the “holy grail” of cracking since gaining control of this account allows attackers to defeat virtually every aspect of a UNIX system’s security, except any protection mechanisms
implemented using physical security on the premises,
such as lock-and-key access to a network attached storage (NAS) device or token-based smart card authentication. If an intruder is able to compromise root, the intruder also can erase all trail of the exploit by cleaning system logs and other auditing information, though there may be residual evidence that the audit log has been purged.
2. The main or uppermost level in a hierarchically organized set of information. The root is the point from which subsets branch in a logical sequence that moves from a broad focus to narrower perspectives. See also leaf, tree.

2. root account


On UNIX systems, the account having control over the operation of a computer. The system administrator uses this account for system maintenance. Also called: superuser. See also system administrator.

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