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1. anomie


1. Lack of moral standards in a society.
2. Personal state of isolation and anxiety resulting from a lack of social control and regulation.
In the social sciences, a state of “normlessness” created by the breakdown of commonly agreed standards of behavior and morality; the term often refers to situations where the social order appears to have collapsed. The concept was developed by French sociologist Emile Durkheim.
Durkheim used “anomie” to describe societies in transition during industrialization. The term was adapted by US sociologist Robert Merton to explain deviance and crime in the US as a result of the disparity between high goals and limited opportunities.

2. anomy


State in a society where normal social standards have deteriorated or been lost; state in an individual lacking usual moral standards, leading to disorientation and isolation.

3. breakdown


Sinonimi: equipment failure | crack-up | partitioning

1. A cessation of normal operation; SYN. equipment failure.
2. A mental or physical breakdown; SYN. crack-up.
3. An analysis into mutually exclusive categories; SYN. partitioning.
4. A breakdown is a situation in which something mechanical has broken down.
5. A situation in which an arrangement, agreement, negotiation, plan, or marriage has broken down is a breakdown.

4. derangement


Sinonimi: mental unsoundness | unbalance

ETYM Cf. French dérangement.
A state of mental disturbance and disorientation; SYN. mental unsoundness, unbalance.

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