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Prevod reči: radnik

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radnik [ muški rod ]

Čovek koji radi. trudbenik.

apron-man [ imenica ]
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coolie [ imenica ]
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An offensive name for an unskilled Asian laborer; SYN. cooly.

doer [ imenica ]
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ETYM From Do.
One who does; one performs or executes; one who is wont and ready to act; an actor; an agent.
An agent or attorney; a factor.

drudge [ imenica ]
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A laborer who is obliged to do menial work; SYN. peon, navvy, galley slave.

labourer [ imenica ]
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Alternate (chiefly British) spelling for laborer.

man [ imenica {N/A} ]
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An individual human; especially; an adult male human; a man belonging to a particular category (as by birth, residence, membership, or occupation) — usually used in combination; husband ; lover; the human race; mankind; a bipedal primate mammal (Homo sapiens) that is anatomically related to the great apes but distinguished especially by notable development of the brain with a resultant capacity for articulate speech and abstract reasoning, is usually considered to form a variable number of freely interbreeding races, and is the sole living representative of the hominid family; broadly; any living or extinct hominid; one possessing in high degree the qualities considered distinctive of manhood; manliness; fellow, chap — used as mode of familiar address — used interjectionally to express intensity of feeling
Individual, person; the individual who can fulfill or who has been chosen to fulfill one's requirements
A feudal tenant; vassal; an adult male servant
One of the distinctive objects moved by each player in various board games; one of the players on a team
An alumnus of or student at a college or university
6 Christian Science; the compound idea of infinite Spirit; the spiritual image and likeness of God; the full representation of Mind
One extremely fond of or devoted to something specified

navvy [ imenica ]
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Chiefly British; an unskilled laborer

operative [ imenica ]
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Operator: as artisan, mechanic; a secret agent; private detective; a person who works toward achieving the objectives of a larger interest

toiler [ imenica ]
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One who works strenuously.

worker [ imenica ]
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A person who works at a specific job.
Sterile member of a colony of social insects that forages for food and cares for the larvae.

workman [ imenica {N/A} ]
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ETYM AS. weorcmann.
(Irregular plural: workmen).
An employee who performs manual or industrial labor; SYN. working man, working person.

worky [ imenica ]
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wright [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. wrighte, writhe, AS. wyrtha, from wyrcean to work. Related to Work.
(Homonym: right, rite, write).
Someone who makes or repairs something (usually used in combination).

hand [ imenica ]
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Physical assistance; SYN. helping hand.
A round of applause to signify approval.
A unit of length equal to 4 inches; used in measuring horses; unit used in measuring the height of a horse from front hoof to shoulder (withers). One hand equals 10.2 cm/4 in.
One of two sides of an issue.
A rotating pointer on the face of a timepiece.
A position given by its location to the side of an object.
A member of the crew of a ship.

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