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radar [ muški rod ]

Skraćeni naziv za radio-lokator (prvobitni naziv radara); sprava koja pomoću ultrakratkih radio-talasa određuje udaljenost nekog predmeta (aviona, broda, vozila, tenka i sl.), bez obzira na doba dana ili meteorološke uslove (eng.)
Naprava koja emituje i u žižu sjedinjuje jak snop na mahove talasa nadvisoke frekvencije i ustanovljava, pomoću prijema i merenja vremena odbijenih talasa, otstojanje, visinu i pravac kretanja nekog predmeta na putu snopa, a da pritom pomrčina, oluja, oblaci ili magla ništa ne smetaju.

radar [ imenica ]
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(acronym for radio direction and ranging)
Device for locating objects in space, direction finding, and navigation by means of transmitted and reflected high-frequency radio waves.
The direction of an object is ascertained by transmitting a beam of short-wavelength (1–1cm/˝-in), short-pulse radio waves, and picking up the reflected beam. Distance is determined by timing the journey of the radio waves (travelingat the speed of light) to the object and back again. Radar is also used to detect objects underground, for example service pipes, and in archeology. Contours of remains of ancient buildings can be detected down to m/ft below ground. Radar is essential to navigation in darkness, cloud, and fog, and is widely used in warfare to detect enemy aircraft and missiles. To avoid detection, various devices, such as modified shapes (to reduce their radar cross-section), radar-absorbent paints and electronic jamming are used. To pinpoint small targets laser “radar” instead of microwaves, has been developed.
Developed independently in Britain, France, Germany, and the US in the 1930s, it was first put to practical use for aircraft detection by the British, who had a complete coastal chain of radar sets installed by Sept 193It proved invaluable in the Battle of Britain 194when the ability to spot incoming German aircraft did away with the need to fly standing patrols. Chains of ground radar stations are used to warn of enemy attack— for example, North Warning System 198consisting of stations across the Canadian Arctic and N Alaska. Radar is also used in meteorology and astronomy.
The echo of a pulse of microwave radiation is used to detect and locate distant objects; SYN. microwave radar, radio detection and ranging, radiolocation.

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