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pubertet [ muški rod ]

Spolno sazrevanje, spolna zrelost; doba spolnog sazrevanja (kod dečaka između 14-godina, kod devojčica između 12-godina). (lat.)

puberty [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin pubertas, from puber, pubes, adult: cf. French puberté.
The time of life when sex glands become functional; SYN. pubescence.
Time of reaching sexual maturity.
Stage in human development when the individual becomes sexually mature. It may occur from the age of ten upward. The sexual organs take on their adult form and pubic hair grows. In girls, menstruation begins, and the breasts develop; in boys, the voice breaks and becomes deeper, and facial hair develops.

teens [ N/A ]
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All the numbers that end in -teen.
The time of life between the ages of and 20.

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