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1. affuse


2. asperse


1. Sprinkle; especially; to sprinkle with holy water
2. To attack with evil reports or false or injurious charges
3. Slander; disparage; calumniate.

3. scatter


Sinonimi: sprinkle | dot | dust | disperse

1. To distribute loosely; SYN. sprinkle, dot, dust, disperse.
2. To sow by scattering.

4. spatter


Sinonimi: splatter | plash | splash | splosh | swash | bespatter

1. To dash a liquid upon or against; SYN. splatter, plash, splash, splosh, swash.
2. To spot, splash, or soil; SYN. bespatter.

5. spit


(Irregular preterit, past participle: spat).
1. To expel or eject from the mouth; SYN. ptyalize, spew, spue.
2. To utter with anger or contempt; SYN. spit out.
Ridge of sand or shingle projecting from the land into a body of water. It is deposited by waves carrying material from one direction to another across the mouth of an inlet (longshore drift). Deposition in the brackish water behind a spit may result in the formation of a salt marsh.

6. spray


ETYM Poetic.
1. To be discharged in sprays of liquid.
2. To cover by spraying with a liquid.
3. To scatter in a mass or jet of droplets.

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