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Deo tela, grudi.

1. bosom


ETYM AS. boesm; akin to Dutch bozem, Fries. bosm, Old High Germ. puosum, German busen, and prob. Eng. bough.
1. Cloth that covers the chest or breasts.
2. A person's breast or chest.
3. (Archaic) The chest considered as the place where secret thoughts are kept.

2. breast


Sinonimi: bosom | knocker | boob | tit | titty | white meat

ETYM Old Eng. brest, breost, As. breóst; akin to Icel. brjôst, Swed. bröst, Dan. bryst, Goth. brusts, OS. briost, Dutch borst, German brust.
One of a pair of organs on the chest of the human female, also known as a mammary gland. Each of the two breasts contains milk-producing cells and a network of tubes or ducts that lead to openings in the nipple.
Milk-producing cells in the breast do not become active until a woman has given birth to a baby. Breast milk is made from substances extracted from the mother's blood as it passes through the breasts. It contains all the nourishment a baby needs, including antibodies to help fight infection.
1. Either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman; SYN. bosom, knocker, boob, tit, titty.
2. Meat carved from the breast of a fowl; SYN. white meat.
3. The front part of the trunk from the neck to the abdomen.

3. brisket


ETYM Old Eng. bruskette, Old Fren. bruschet, French bréchet, brichet; prob. of Celtic origin; cf. W. brysced the breast of a slain animal, brisket, Corn. vrys breast, Armor. brusk, bruched, the front of the chest, Gael. brisgein the cartilaginous part of a bone.
A cut of meat from the breast or lower chest especially of beef.

4. bust


Sinonimi: tear | bender | binge | toot | booze-up

ETYM French buste, from Italian busto; cf. Late Lat. busta, bustula, box, of the same origin as Eng. box a case; cf., for the change of meaning, Eng. chest. Related to Bushel.
1. A sculpture of the head and shoulders of a person.
2. An occasion for heavy drinking; SYN. tear, bender, binge, toot, booze-up.

5. chest


Box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy.

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