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provincija [ ženski rod ]

Kod Rimljana: osvojena ili nasleđena oblast; danas: pokrajina, oblast; unutrašnjost; u katoličkoj crkvi: oblast koja spada pod jednu nadbiskupiju. (lat.)

boondocks [ imenica ]
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Rough country filled with dense brush
A rural area; sticks

country [ imenica ]
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ETYM French contrée, Late Lat. contrata, from Latin contra over against, on the opposite side. Related to Counter, Contra.
An area outside of cities and towns; SYN. rural area.
The territory occupied by a nation; SYN. state, land, nation.

county [ imenica ]
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ETYM French comté, from Late Lat. comitatus. Related to Count.
Administrative unit of a country or state. In the US a county is a subdivision of a state; the power of counties differs widely between states. In the UK it is nowadays synonymous with “shire”, although historically the two had different origins. Many of the English counties can be traced back to Saxon times. The republic of Ireland has geographical and administrative counties.
A territorial division for local government.

provincial city [ imenica ]
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province [ imenica ]
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ETYM French, from Latin provincia; prob. from pro before, for + the root of vincere to conquer. Related to Victor.
The proper sphere or extent of one's activities; SYN. responsibility.

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