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Prevod reči: propao

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propao [ pridev ]

broken-down [ pridev ]
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Not in working order; broken down.
When something is old, in bad condition, or not functioning properly, it is broken-down.

damned [ pridev ]
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(Homonym: dammed)
Sentenced to punishment in a future life; condemned; condemned to Hell.
Hateful; detestable; abominable.

decayed [ pridev ]
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Damaged by decay; hence unsound and useless; SYN. rotten, rotted.
Deteriorated by decay or rot.

lost [ pridev ]
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ETYM Prop. p. p. of Old Eng. losien. Related to Lose.
No longer in one's possession or control; unable to be found or recovered.
Incapable of being recovered or regained.
Not caught with the senses or the mind; SYN. missed.
Not gained or won.
Spiritually or physically doomed or destroyed.

quisby [ pridev ]
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ruinous [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin ruinosus: cf. French ruineux. Related to Ruin.
Leading to or causing ruin.

washed-up [ pridev ]
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No longer successful, skillful, popular, or needed.

wretched [ pridev ]
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Very miserable; sunk in, or accompanied by, deep affliction or distress, as from want, anxiety, or grief.
Worthless; paltry; very poor or mean; miserable.
Hatefully contemptible; despicable; wicked.

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