probaviti | srpsko - engleski prevod



1. digest


1. To arrange and integrate in the mind.
2. To convert food into absorbable substances.

2. pass


Sinonimi: overtake | overhaul | make pass | go through | go across | hand | reach | pass on | turn over | give | nail | make it | clear

1. To travel past, as of a vehicle; SYN. overtake, overhaul.
2. To cause to pass:; SYN. make pass.
3. To go across or through; SYN. go through, go across.
4. To succeed at a test or a screening
5. To place into the hands or custody of; SYN. hand, reach, pass on, turn over, give.
6. To transfer to another; of rights or property
7. To accept or judge as acceptable
8. To allow to go without comment or censure:
9. To get a passing grade in an exams; SYN. nail, make it.
10. To go unchallenged; be approved; SYN. clear.
11. To throw (a ball) to another player

3. while


To cause to pass especially without boredom or in a pleasant manner — usually used with away.

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