prevoj | srpsko - engleski prevod


muški rodlingvistika

1. apophony



prevoj | srpsko - engleski prevod


muški rod

1. crook


Sinonimi: shepard's crook

ETYM Old Eng. crok; akin to Icel. kronkr hook, bend, SW. krok, Dan. krog, OD. krooke; or cf. Gael. crocan crook, hook, W. crwca crooked. Related to Crosier, Crotchet, Crutch, Encroach.
A long staff with one end being hook shaped; SYN. shepard's crook.

2. curvature


Sinonimi: curve

ETYM Latin curvatura. Related to Curvate.
1. The property possessed by the curving of a line or surface; SYN. curve.
2. The rate of change (at a point) of the angle between a curve and a tangent to the curve.
3. (Medical) A curving or bending; often abnormal.

3. fold


Sinonimi: plica | sheepfold | sheep pen | sheepcote | crease | plication | flexure | crimp | bend | folding

In geology, a bend in beds or layers of rock. If the bend is arched in the middle it is called an anticline; if it sags downward in the middle it is called a syncline. The line along which a bed of rock folds is called its axis. The axial plane is the plane joining the axes of successive beds.
1. A folded part (as a fold of skin or muscle); SYN. plica.
2. A pen for sheep; SYN. sheepfold, sheep pen, sheepcote.
3. An angular shape made by folding; SYN. crease, plication, flexure, crimp, bend.
4. The act of folding; SYN. folding.

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