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1. captain


To be the captain of a sports team.

2. convey


Sinonimi: impart | transmit | communicate

1. To make known; pass on, of information; SYN. impart.
2. To transfer or deliver to another, as of information; SYN. transmit, communicate.

3. guide


Sinonimi: steer | run | pass | guide on

1. To be a guiding force, as with directions or advice; SYN. steer.
2. To guide or pass over something; SYN. run, pass.
3. To use as a guide; SYN. guide on.

4. head


Sinonimi: lead | head up

1. To be in charge of; SYN. lead.
2. To be in the front of or on top of.
3. To be the first or leading member of (a group); SYN. head up.
4. To go or travel towards:

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