prednost | srpsko - engleski prevod


ženski rod

Preimućstvo, prioritet.

1. advantage


Sinonimi: vantage

ETYM Old Eng. avantage, avauntage, French avantage, from avant before. Related to Advance, Vantage.
The quality of having a superior or more favorable position; SYN. vantage.
Benefit resulting from some event or action

2. asset


Sinonimi: plus

1. A useful or valuable quality; SYN. plus.
2. Anything of material value or usefulness.

3. behalf


ETYM Old Eng. on-behalve in the name of, bihalven by the side of, from AS. healf half, also side, part: akin to German halb half, halber on account of. Related to Be-, and Half.
1. As the agent of or on someone's part; usually expressed as rather than:.
2. For someone's advantage or benefit (usually expressed as rather than and usually with a possessive):.

4. benefit


Sinonimi: welfare

ETYM Old Eng. benefet, benfeet, bienfet, French bienfait, from Latin benefactum; bene well (adv. of bonus good) + factum, p. p. of facere to do. Related to Bounty, and Fact.
1. A performance to raise money for a charitable cause.
2. Financial assistance in time of need.
3. Something that aids or promotes well-being; SYN. welfare.

5. boot


Sinonimi: iron boot | iron heel | luggage compartment | trunk

1. An instrument of torture that is used to crush the foot and leg; SYN. iron boot, iron heel.
2. Carries luggage or shopping or tools; SYN. luggage compartment, trunk.
3. Footwear that covers the whole foot and lower leg.

6. bulge


Sinonimi: bump | hump | gibbosity | gibbousness | jut | prominence | protuberance | protrusion | extrusion | excrescence

ETYM Old Eng. bulge a swelling; cf. AS. belgan to swell, OSw. bulgja, Icel. bôlginn swollen, Old High Germ. belgan to swell, German bulge leathern sack, Skr. buh to be large. Related to Bilge, Belly, Billow, Bouge.
Something that protrudes; SYN. bump, hump, gibbosity, gibbousness, jut, prominence, protuberance, protrusion, extrusion, excrescence.

7. commodity


Sinonimi: goods

ETYM French commodité, from Latin commoditas. Related to Commode.
Articles of commerce; SYN. goods.
Something produced for sale. Commodities may be consumer goods, such as radios, or producer goods, such as copper bars.
Commodity markets deal in raw or semiraw materials that are amenable to grading and that can be stored for considerable periods without deterioration.
Commodity markets developed to their present form in the 19th century, when industrial growth facilitated trading in large, standardized quantities of raw materials. Most markets encompass trading in commodity futures—that is, trading for delivery several months ahead. Major commodity markets exist in Chicago, Tokyo, London, and elsewhere. Although specialized markets exist, such as that for silkworm cocoons in Tokyo, most trade relates to cereals and metals. Softs is a term used for most materials other than metals.

8. easement


ETYM Old Fren. aisement. Related to Ease.
1. A legal agreement allowing partial access or use of property by a third party.
2. The act of appeasing, or the state of being appeased; pacification.
Rights held over another's land.
Law, right over another's land.
In law, rights that a person may have over the land of another. A common example is a right of way; others are the right to bring water over another's land and the right to a sufficient quantity of light.

9. merit


Sinonimi: virtue

ETYM French mérite, Latin meritum, from merere, mereri, to deserve, merit; prob. originally, to get a share; akin to Greek meros part. Related to Market, Merchant, Mercer, Mercy.
Any admirable quality or attribute; SYN. virtue.

10. precedence


Sinonimi: precedency | priority

ETYM Cf. French précédence. Related to Precede.
(Homonym: precedents).
Status established in order of importance or urgency; SYN. precedency, priority.

11. preference


Sinonimi: penchant | predilection | taste | druthers

ETYM Cf. French préférence.
1. A strong liking; SYN. penchant, predilection, taste.
2. Grant of favor or advantage to one over another (esp. to a country or countries in matters of international trade such as levying duties).
3. The right or chance to choose; SYN. druthers.

12. preferment


Sinonimi: recognition

1. The act of making accusations
2. The act of preferring; SYN. recognition.

13. preponderance


Sinonimi: prevalence

ETYM Cf. French prépondérance.
A superiority in numbers; SYN. prevalence.

14. prerogative


Sinonimi: privilege | perquisite | exclusive right

ETYM French prérogative, from Latin praerogativa precedence in voting, preference, privilege, from praerogativus that is asked before others for his opinion, that votes before or first, from praerogare to ask before another; prae before + rogare to ask. Related to Rogation.
A right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right); SYN. privilege, perquisite, exclusive right.
Right or power peculiar to a person or office.

15. priority


Sinonimi: antecedence | antecedency | anteriority | precedence

ETYM Cf. French priorité. Related to Prior.
Preceding in time; SYN. antecedence, antecedency, anteriority, precedence.

16. privilege


ETYM French privilčge, Latin privilegium an ordinance or law against or in favor of an individual; privus private + lex, legis, law. Related to Private, and Legal.
1. A special advantage or immunity or benefit not enjoyed by all.
2. (Law) The right to refuse to divulge information obtained in a confidential relationship.

17. pull


Sinonimi: pulling

1. A device used for pulling something
2. A sustained effort
3. Special advantage or influence
4. The act of pulling; applying force to move something toward or with you; SYN. pulling.
5. The force used in pulling

18. purchase


ETYM Old Eng. purchds, French pourchas eager pursuit. Related to Purchase.
1. A means of exerting influence or gaining advantage.
2. Something acquired by purchase.
3. The acquisition of something for payment.

19. refusal


Sinonimi: regrets | declination

1. The act of refusing.
2. The polite declining of an invitation; SYN. regrets, declination.

20. vantage


ETYM Aphetic form of Old Eng. avantage, from French avantage. Related to Advantage.
Place or situation affording some advantage (especially a comprehensive view or commanding perspective).

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