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prase [ imenica {životinja} ]

Mladunče svinje.

boneen [ imenica ]
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farrow [ imenica ]
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ETYM AS. fearh a little pig; a akin to Old High Germ. farh, farah, pig, dim. farheli little pig, German fercel, Dutch varken pig, Lith. parszas OIr. orc, Latin porcus, Greek porkos. Related to Pork.
(Homonym: pharaoh).
The production of a litter of pigs; SYN. farrowing.
Act of giving birth to pigs; litter.

pig [ imenica {životinja} ]
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Any even-toed hoofed mammal of the family Suidae. They are omnivorous, and have simple, non-ruminating stomachs and thick hides. The Middle Eastern wild boar Sus scrofa is the ancestor of domesticated breeds; it is 1.5 m/4.5 ft long and 1 m/3 ft high, with formidable tusks, but not naturally aggressive.
Wild pigs include the babirusa and the wart hog. The farming of domesticated pigs was practiced during the Neolithic in the Middle East and China at least 11,0years ago and the pig was a common farm animal in ancient Greece and Rome. Over 4breeds evolved over the centuries, many of which have all but disappeared in more recent times with the development of intensive rearing systems; however, different environments and requirements have ensured the continuation of a variety of types. The Berkshire, Chester White, Poland, China, Saddleback, Yorkshire, Duroc, and Razorback are the main surviving breeds. Modern indoor rearing methods favor the large white breeds, such as the Chester White and the originally Swedish Landrace, over colored varieties, which tend to be hardier and can survive better outdoors. Since 196hybrid pigs, produced by crossing two or more breeds, have become popular for their heavy but lean carcasses.

piggy [ imenica ]
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Young swine, piglet

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