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1. corroborate


Sinonimi: underpin | bear out | support

To support with evidence or authority; make more certain or confirm; SYN. underpin, bear out, support.

2. document


1. To record in detail.
2. To support with evidence.
In computing, data associated with a particular application. For example, a text document might be produced by a word processor and a graphics document might be produced with a CAD package. An OMR or OCR document is a paper document containing data that can be directly input to the computer using a document reader.

3. substantiate


Sinonimi: back | back up

To establish as valid or genuine; SYN. back, back up.

4. sustain


Sinonimi: keep | maintain

1. To admit as valid.
2. To supply with sustenance; SYN. keep, maintain.

5. validate


Sinonimi: formalize | corroborate

1. To declare or make legally valid; SYN. formalize.
2. To give evidence for; SYN. corroborate.
3. To make valid or confirm the validity of, as of a document.
4. To prove valid; show or confirm the validity of something.

6. verify


To confirm the truth of.

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