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1. cast down


To throw down; to destroy; to deject or depress, as the mind.

2. displace


Sinonimi: force out | uproot | deracinate

1. To force to move; SYN. force out.
2. To move (people) forcibly from their homeland into a new and foreign environment; SYN. uproot, deracinate.
3. To take the place of.

3. overpower


Sinonimi: overmaster | overwhelm

To overcome by superior force; SYN. overmaster, overwhelm.

4. repress


Sinonimi: quash | keep down | subdue | subjugate | reduce

To put down by force or intimidation; SYN. quash, keep down, subdue, subjugate, reduce.

5. zero out


To set a variable value or a series of bits to zero.

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