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ženski rod

1. attendance


Sinonimi: attending

ETYM Old Eng. attendance, Old Fren. atendance, from atendre, French attendre. Related to Attend.
The act of being present (at a meeting or event etc.); SYN. attending.

2. call


Sinonimi: claim | phone call | telephone call

(Homonym: caul, col).
1. Brief visit in an official or professional capacity.
2. A brief social visit.
3. A demand especially in the phrase; SYN. claim.
4. A demand for a show of hands in a card game.
5. A request.
6. A telephone connection; SYN. phone call, telephone call.

3. visit


Sinonimi: visitation

ETYM Cf. French visite. Related to Visit, Visite.
1. A meeting arranged by the visitor.
2. An official call for inspection or supervision; SYN. visitation.
3. Brief residence as a guest.
4. The act of going to see some person or place or thing for a short time.

4. visitation


ETYM Latin visitatio: cf. French visitation.
1. The act of visiting, or the state of being visited; access for inspection or examination.
2. Special dispensation; communication of divine favor and goodness, or, more usually, of divine wrath and vengeance; retributive calamity; retribution; judgment.
3. The act of visiting a corpse before a funeral.
In the Christian church, a formal visit by a bishop or church official to examine the churches or abbeys within his jurisdiction. In medieval visitations, records were kept of the detecta, matters disclosed to the visitor, and comperta, what the visitor found for himself.
In Christian art, a Visitation depicts the meeting of the Virgin Mary with her pregnant older relative Elizabeth (Luke 1:39–56). On this occasion Mary gives voice to the Magnificat.

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