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poreznik [ muški rod ]

assessor [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin, one who sits beside, the assistant of a judge, from assidere. Related to Assession. Late Lat., one who arranges of determines the taxes, from assidere. Related to Assess.
One appointed to assess persons or property for the purpose of taxation.
One who assesses property for damage or for insurance.
One appointed or elected to assist a judge or magistrate with his special knowledge of the subject to be decided; as legal assessors, nautical assessors.

catchpole [ imenica ]
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Constable; sheriff's officer
A sheriff's deputy; especially; one who makes arrests for failure to pay a debt

catchpoll [ imenica ]
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Catchpole, bumbailiff.

cessor [ imenica ]
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tax collector [ imenica ]
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Someone who collects taxes for the government; SYN. taxman, exciseman, collector of internal revenue, internal revenue agent.

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