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Prevod reči: ponoviti

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ponoviti [ glagol ]

come again [ glagol ]
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Repeat; also; to speak further — used as an interrogative.

do over [ glagol ]
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To do again; to repeat.

echo [ glagol ]
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To call to mind:; SYN. recall.
Repetition of a sound wave, or of a radar or sonar signal, by reflection from a surface. By accurately measuring the time taken for an echo to return to the transmitter, and by knowing the speed of a radar signal (the speed of light) or a sonar signal (the speed of sound in water), it is possible to calculate the range of the object causing the echo (echolocation).
A similar technique is used in echo sounders to estimate the depth of water under a ship's keel or the depth of a school of fish.

ennew [ glagol ]
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innew [ glagol ]
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iterate [ glagol ]
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To repeat; to say or do again.
Tepeat iterant

recur [ glagol ]
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To happen or occur again; SYN. repeat.
To return in thought or speech to something; SYN. go back.

refresh [ glagol ]
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To make (to feel) fresh; SYN. freshen.
To make fresh again; SYN. freshen, refreshen.

repeat [ glagol ]
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To do over; SYN. take over.
To say again or imitate:; SYN. echo.
To say or state again:; SYN. reiterate, ingeminate, iterate, restate, retell.

reword [ glagol ]
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To alter the wording of; to restate in other words

work over [ glagol ]
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To subject to thorough examination, study, or treatment
To do over; rework
To beat up or manhandle with thoroughness

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