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poligon [ muški rod {matematika} ]

Geometrijska slika (ili figura) ograničena sa više duži, mnogougaonik. (grč.)

polygon [ imenica {matematika} ]
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ETYM Greek polygonos polygonal; polys many + gonia angle: cf. French polygone.
Any two-dimensional closed shape composed of three or more line segments, such as a hexagon, an octagon, or a triangle. Computer users encounter polygons in graphics programs.
A closed plane figure bounded by straight sides; SYN. polygonal shape. Many-sided plane figure.
In geometry, a plane (two-dimensional) figure with three or more straight-line sides. Common polygons have names which define the number of sides (for example, triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon).
These are all convex polygons, having no interior angle greater than 180ş. The sum of the internal angles of a polygon having n sides is given by the formula (- x 90ş; therefore, the more sides a polygon has, the larger the sum of its internal angles and, in the case of a convex polygon, the more closely it approximates to a circle.

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