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muški rod

1. bloodbath


Sinonimi: bloodletting | bloodshed | battue

Indiscriminate slaughter; SYN. bloodletting, bloodshed, battue. blood-bath, blood bath

2. butchery


Sinonimi: butchering

ETYM Old Eng. bocherie shambles, from French boucherie. Related to Butcher.
The business of a butcher; SYN. butchering.

3. carnage


ETYM French carnage, Late Lat. carnaticum tribute of animals, flesh of animals, from Latin caro, carnis, flesh. Related to Carnal.
1. Great destruction of life, as in battle; bloodshed; slaughter; massacre; murder; havoc.
2. Flesh of slain animals or men.

4. massacre


Sinonimi: mass murder

ETYM French, from Late Lat. mazacrium; cf. Prov. German metzgern, metzgen, to kill cattle, German metzger a butcher, and LG. matsken to cut, hew, Old High Germ. meizan to cut, Goth. máitan.
The wanton killing of many people; SYN. mass murder.

5. phlebotomy


ETYM Latin phlebotomia, Greek; phlebos a vein + temnein to cut: cf. French phlébotomie. Related to Fleam.
The act or practice of opening a vein for letting blood, in the treatment of disease; bloodletting; bleeding.
Blood-letting; venesection.

6. shambles

1. A condition of great disorder.
2. A butcher's shop; a street or district for butchers.
3. Slaughterhouse
4. A place of mass slaughter or bloodshed; a scene or a state of great destruction; wreckage; a scene or a state of great disorder or confusion; great confusion; mess

7. slaughter


Sinonimi: carnage | butchery

ETYM Old Eng. slautir, slaughter, slaghter, Icel. slâtr slain flesh, modified by Old Eng. slaught, slaht, slaughter, from as. sleaht a stroke, blow; both from the root of Eng. slay. Related to Slay, Onslaught.
1. The killing of animals (as for food).
2. The savage and excessive killing of people; SYN. carnage, butchery.

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