pogodnost | srpsko - engleski prevod


ženski rod

1. appositeness



2. aptness


Sinonimi: propensity | appositeness

1. A disposition to behave in a certain way; SYN. propensity.
2. Appropriateness; SYN. appositeness.

3. capability


Sinonimi: capableness | potentiality | capableness | capacity

1. An aptitude that may be developed; SYN. capableness, potentiality.
2. The quality of being capable -- physically or intellectually or legally; SYN. capableness.
3. The susceptibility of something to a particular treatment; SYN. capacity.

4. commodity


Sinonimi: goods

ETYM French commodité, from Latin commoditas. Related to Commode.
Articles of commerce; SYN. goods.
Something produced for sale. Commodities may be consumer goods, such as radios, or producer goods, such as copper bars.
Commodity markets deal in raw or semiraw materials that are amenable to grading and that can be stored for considerable periods without deterioration.
Commodity markets developed to their present form in the 19th century, when industrial growth facilitated trading in large, standardized quantities of raw materials. Most markets encompass trading in commodity futures—that is, trading for delivery several months ahead. Major commodity markets exist in Chicago, Tokyo, London, and elsewhere. Although specialized markets exist, such as that for silkworm cocoons in Tokyo, most trade relates to cereals and metals. Softs is a term used for most materials other than metals.

5. convenience


Serviceableness; comfort; something useful

6. conveniency

imenicaarhaično, zastarelo

Convenience (Archaic use)

7. favorability


8. favour


Alternate (chiefly British) spelling for favor.

9. favourability


10. fitness


Sinonimi: physical fitness | good shape | good condition | fittingness

1. Good physical condition; being in shape or in condition; SYN. physical fitness, good shape, good condition.
2. The condition of being suitable; SYN. fittingness.
3. The quality of being qualified.
In genetic theory, a measure of the success with which a genetically determined character can spread in future generations. By convention, the normal character is assigned a fitness of one, and variants (determined by other alleles) are then assigned fitness values relative to this. Those with fitness greater than one will spread more rapidly and will ultimately replace the normal allele; those with fitness less than one will gradually die out.

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