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ženski rod

Pesnička umetnost, pesništvo; pesma, pesme; fig. divota, čar; supr. proza. (grč.)

1. poesy


1. A poem or body of poems; poetry; artificial or sentimentalized poetic writing
2. Poetic inspiration

2. poetry


Sinonimi: poesy | verse

ETYM Old Fren. poeterie. Related to Poet.
1. Any communication resembling poetry in beauty or the evocation of feeling.
2. Literature in metrical form; SYN. poesy, verse.
The imaginative expression of emotion, thought, or narrative, frequently in metrical form and often using figurative language. Poetry has traditionally been distinguished from prose (ordinary written language) by rhyme or the rhythmical arrangement of words (meter).
A distinction is made between lyrical, or songlike, poetry (sonnet, ode, elegy, pastoral), and narrative, or story-telling, poetry (ballad, lay, epic). Poetic form has also been used as a vehicle for satire, parody, and expositions of philosophical, religious, and practical subjects. Traditionally, poetry has been considered a higher form of expression than prose. In modern times, the distinction is not always clear cut.

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