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1. chthonian


Sinonimi: chthonic | lower | nether

ETYM Greek, in or under the earth, from chthon earth.
Of the underworld; SYN. chthonic, lower, nether.
Pertaining to the earth or the underworld.

2. chthonic


ETYM Greek chthon, the earth.
Pertaining to Greek gods of underworld.
Pertaining to the earth; earthy.

3. cryptal


Pertaining to or like a crypt.

4. infernal


ETYM French infernal, Latin infernalis, from infernus that which lies beneath, the lower. Related to Inferior.
1. Being of a lower world of the dead.
2. Characteristic of or resembling hell.
3. Relating to or inhabiting hell.

5. subterranean


Sinonimi: ulterior

ETYM Latin subterraneus; sub under + terra earth. Related to Terrace.
1. Being or operating under the surface of the earth.
2. Lying beneath what is revealed or avowed, especially being deliberately concealed; SYN. ulterior.

6. underground


1. Being below the surface of the ground
2. Done or occurring out of sight; secret; clandestine.

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