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ženski rod

Deoba, deljenje.

1. cavel

imenicaarhaično, zastarelo

2. cleavage


Sinonimi: segmentation

In geology, the tendency of a rock, especially slate, to split along parallel or sub-parallel planes that result from realignment of component minerals during deformation or metamorphism.
1. The line formed by a groove between two parts (especially the separation between a woman's breasts).
2. The breaking of a chemical bond in a molecule resulting in smaller molecules.
3. (Embryology) The repeated division of a fertilised ovum; SYN. segmentation.

3. cloison


partition; dividing band

4. deal


ETYM Old Eng. del, deel, part, AS. dael; akin to OS. dęl, Dutch and Dan. deel, German theil, teil, Icel. deild, Swed. del, Goth. dails. Related to Dole.
1. (Card game) The act of distributing playing cards.
2. A particular instance of buying or selling; SYN. trade, business deal.
3. A plank of softwood (fir or pine board).
4. The act of apportioning or distributing something.
5. The type of treatment received (especially as the result of an agreement).

5. department


Sinonimi: section

ETYM French département, from départir. Related to Depart.
1. A specialized division of a large organization; SYN. section.
2. A specialized sphere of knowledge.
3. The territorial and administrative division of some countries (such as France).

6. dichotomy


ETYM Greek, from dichotomos: cf. French dichotomie. Related to Dichotomous.
1. A sorting of a class of things into two mutually exclusive subclasses.
2. Classification into two opposed parts.
3. Division into two (opposed parts).

7. discerption


8. dispartment


9. disseverance


Separation; partition

10. disseveration


11. disseverment


12. distribution


Sinonimi: dispersion

ETYM Latin distributio: cf. French distribution.
1. An arrangement of values of a variable showing their observed or theoretical frequency of occurrence.
2. The act of distributing or spreading or apportioning.
3. The commercial activity of transporting and selling goods from a producer to a consumer.
4. The spatial property of being scattered about over an area or volume; SYN. dispersion.

13. division


Sinonimi: partition | partitioning | segmentation | subdivision | sectionalization | variance

ETYM French division, Latin divisio, from dividere. Related to Divide.
1. Separation by the creation of a boundary that divides or keeps apart; SYN. partition, partitioning, segmentation, subdivision, sectionalization.
2. The act or process of dividing or splitting.
3. (Biology) A group of organisms forming a subdivision of a larger category.
4. (Botany) Taxonomic unit of plants corresponding to a phylum.
5. An administrative unit in government or business.
6. An arithmetic operation that is the inverse of multiplication; the quotient of two numbers is computed.
7. Discord that splits a group; SYN. variance.
8. An army unit large enough to sustain combat.
9. A group of ships of similar type.
10. A unit of the US air force usually comprising two or more wings.

14. enterclose


15. interclose


16. partition


Sinonimi: divider

ETYM French partition, Latin partitio. Related to Part.
A vertical structure that divides or separates (as a wall divides one room from another); SYN. divider.
Division of a country into two or more nations. Ireland was divided into Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic under the Government of Ireland Act 1920. The division of the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan took place in 1947. Other examples of partition include Korea 1953 and Vietnam 1954.

17. variety


Sinonimi: change

ETYM Latin varietas: cf. French variété. Related to Various.
A difference that is usually pleasant; SYN. change.

18. whack-up


19. wough


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