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planinarenje [ imenica ]

alpinism [ imenica ]
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Mountain climbing in the Alps or other high mountains.

mountaineering [ imenica ]
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Art and practice of mountain climbing. For major peaks of the Himalayas it was formerly thought necessary to have elaborate support from Sherpas (local people), fixed ropes, and oxygen at high altitudes (siege-style climbing). In the 198the Alpine style was introduced. This dispenses with these aids, and relies on human ability to adapt, Sherpa-style, to high altitude.
In 18Wetterhorn, Switzerland, was climbed by Alfred Wills, thereby founding the sport; 18Matterhorn, Switzerland–Italy, by Edward Whymper; 18Aconcagua, Argentina, by Zurbriggen; 19Eiger (north face), Switzerland, by Heinrich Harrer; 19Everest, Nepal–Tibet, by Edmund Hillary and Norgay Tenzing; 19Kongur, China, by Chris Bonington.

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