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Prevod reči: plafon

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plafon [ muški rod ]

Tavanica; slike na tavanici, ukrasi na tavanici;
Najviši ili najveći iznos (npr. plate);
av. Najveća visina do koje se može doći avion, "vrhunac". (fr.)

cap [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. cappe, AS. caeppe, cap, cape, hood, from LL, cappa, capa; perhaps of Iberian origin. Related to Cape, Cope.
A top (as for a bottle).
Something serving as a cover or protection.
Umbrellalike fruiting structure forming the top of a stalked fleshy fungus such as a mushroom; SYN. pileus.

ceiling [ imenica ]
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(Homonym: sealing).
The overhead inside lining of a room.
An upper limit on what is allowed; SYN. cap.
Maximum altitude at which a plane can fly (under specified conditions).
(Meteorology) Altitude of the lowest layer of clouds.

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