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Prevod reči: penjati se

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penjati se [ glagol ]

ascend [ glagol ]
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To travel up,; SYN. go up.
Go back in order of genealogical succession
Become king or queen
Appear to be moving upward, as by means of tendrils
Slope upwards
Come up, of celestial bodies
Move to a better position in life or to a better job

climb [ glagol ]
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To go upward with gradual or continuous progress; SYN. climb up, mount, go up.
To move with difficulty, by grasping.
To slope upward.

be on the up grade [ glagol ]
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scramble [ glagol ]
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To bring into random order; SYN. jumble, throw together.
To make unintelligible
To move hurriedly

shin [ glagol ]
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To move forward rapidly on foot
To kick or strike on the shins
To climb by shinnying

swarm [ glagol ]
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To collect, and depart from a hive by flight in a body; -- said of bees
To appear or collect in a crowd; to throng together; to congregate in a multitude.
To be crowded; to be thronged with a multitude of beings in motion.
To abound; to be filled (with).

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