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Približno, nagrubo.

1. about


Sinonimi: around | around | around | around

1. Slightly short of or not quite accomplished; ('most' is used informally for 'almost' as in). (Of actions or states)
2. All around or on all sides; SYN. around.
3. In or to a reversed position or direction; SYN. around.
4. In rotation or succession
5. In the area or vicinity; SYN. around.
6. To or among many different places or in no particular direction; SYN. around.

2. approximately


Sinonimi: about | close to | just about | some | roughly | more or less | around | or so

(Of quantities) Imprecise but fairly close to correct; SYN. about, close to, just about, some, roughly, more or less, around, or so.

3. around


ETYM Pref. a- + round.
1. By a circular or circuitous route.
2. In a circle or circular motion.
3. In circumference.
4. To a particular destination either specified or understood.

4. c


Abbreviation for circa (Latin “about”); used with dates that are uncertain.

5. ca



6. cca


7. circa


(Latin) “about” (abbr. c.)(Latin) Around; approximately; often used when a precise date is not known
About; around
At, in, or of approximately — used especially with dates

8. circiter


About; around.

9. comsi


10. quasi


Apparently but not actually; also used in musical notation, as in sonata quasi fantasia (“sonata in the manner of a fantasia”).
As if; seemingly; in a manner

11. some


1. About
2. In some degree; somewhat; to some degree or extent; a little — used as a mild intensive

12. somewhere


Sinonimi: someplace

1. In, at, from, or to a place unknown or unspecified
2. To a place symbolizing positive accomplishment or progress
3. In the vicinity of; approximately
In or at or to some place; ('someplace' is used informally for 'somewhere'); SYN. someplace.

13. thereabout


Sinonimi: thereabouts | thereabouts

ETYM The latter spelling is less proper, but more commonly used.
1. Near that place; SYN. thereabouts.
2. Near that time or date; SYN. thereabouts.

14. thereabouts


1. Near that place or time
2. Near that number, degree, or quantity

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