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Prevod reči: opusten

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opušten [ pridev ]

Raskomoćen, u stanju opuštenosti.

dégagé [ pridev ]
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Free and relaxed in manner
Showing lack of emotional involvement; SYN. detached, uninvolved.
At rest; untroubled; at ease.
(French) (fem. -ée) “disengaged”; at ease; unworried.

dissolute [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin dissolutus, p. p. of dissolvere: cf. French dissolu. Related to Dissolve.
Loosed from restraint; esp., loose in morals and conduct; recklessly abandoned to sensual pleasures; profligate; wanton; lewd; debauched.
With nerves unstrung; weak.
Of loose morals; debauched.

easygoing [ pridev ]
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Mild-tempered; generally agreeable with others, and willing to submit to the will of the group.
Inclined to be excessively tolerant.
Not stressful.
Taking life easy; SYN. placid.
Unhurried and relaxed; SYN. laid-back, mellow. SYN. easy-going.

well-rested [ pridev ]
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