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Prevod reči: opovrgnuti

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opovrgnuti [ glagol ]

confute [ glagol ]
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To disprove or overcome through argument.
Prove to be wrong; overcome in argument.

deny [ glagol ]
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To declare untrue; contradict.
To refuse to accept or believe.
To refuse to grant, as of a petition or request.
To refuse to let have; SYN. refuse.
To refuse to recognize or acknowledge.
To restrain, esp. from indulging in some pleasure.

disallow [ glagol ]
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To refuse to allow; to deny the force or validity of; to disown and reject.

discount [ glagol ]
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To give a discount on.
Reduction in the price of an item. For example, goods are discounted in price during a sale. Discounting is a form of competition used by companies to increase sales and market share. Discounts can also be given for buying in bulk, and this then becomes a source of economies of scale for the buying organization.
The term is also used to describe the equivalent present value of a sum payable or receivable in the future; for example, if the rate of interest is and the sum of Ł1is payable in a year's time, then its discounted present value is Ł100.

disprove [ glagol ]
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To prove to be false or wrong; SYN. confute.

rebut [ glagol ]
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To contradict, meet, or oppose by argument, plea, or countervailing proof.
To drive or beat back; to repulse.

refute [ glagol ]
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To overthrow by argument, evidence, or proof; SYN. rebut, disprove.
To prove to be false or incorrect; SYN. rebut, controvert.
Prove to be false or wrong.

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