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ženski rodsport

Kolektivni sport, igra ga šest igrača u jednom timu, otkrivena 1855. godine.

1. volleyball


Sinonimi: volleyball game

1. A game in which two teams hit an inflated ball over a high net using their hands; SYN. volleyball game.
2. An inflated ball used in playing volleyball.
Indoor and outdoor team game played on a court between two teams of six players each. A net is placed across the center of the court, and players hit the ball with their hands over it, the aim being to ground it in the opponents' court.
Originally called Mintonette, the game was invented 1895 by William G Morgan in Massachusetts, US, as a rival to the newly developed basketball. The playing area measures 18 m/59 ft by 9 m/29 ft 5 in. The ball, slightly smaller than a basketball, may not be hit more than three times on one team's side of the net. The world championships were first held 1949 for men, and 1952 for women (Olympic winners automatically become world champions).
volley-ball, volley ball

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