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muški rod

Kotur, kolut.

1. astragal


1. A narrow half-round molding
2. A projecting strip on the edge of a folding door
3. Small semicircular moulding; dice; ankle-bone; rounded beading or molding on column; pl., dice.

2. band


Sinonimi: banding | stripe | stria | striation | frequency band

ETYM Old Eng. band, bond, Icel. band; akin to German, Swed., and Dutch band, Old High Germ. bant, Goth. bandi, Skr. bandha a binding, bandh to bind, for bhanda, bhandh, also to Eng. bend, bind. Related to Bind, Bend, Bond, Bandy.
(Homonym: banned).
1. A strip or stripe of a contrasting color or material; SYN. banding, stripe.
2. A stripe of contrasting color; SYN. stria, striation.
3. Band of radio frequencies for e.g. transmitting a TV signal; SYN. frequency band.
4. A group of musicians.
5. A strip wrapped around something to hold it together.
6. Something elongated that is worn around the body or one of the limbs.

3. felloe


Sinonimi: felly

Rim (or part of the rim) into which spokes are inserted; SYN. felly.
circular rim of a wheel

4. hoop


Sinonimi: ring

ETYM Old Eng. hope; akin to Dutch hoep, hoepel.
1. A light curved frame to spread out a skirt.
2. A rigid circular band of metal or wood or other material used for holding or fastening or hanging or pulling; SYN. ring.

5. rim


ETYM As. rima, reoma, edge; cf. W. rhim, rhimp, a rim, edge, boundary, termination, Armor, rim. Related to Rind.
1. The outer part of a wheel to which the tire is attached.
2. The shape of a raised edge of a more or less circular object.

6. ring


Sinonimi: peal | knell

ETYM as. hring, hrinc; akin to Fries. hring, Dutch and German ring, Old High Germ. ring, hring, Icel. hringr, DAn. and sw. ring; cf. Russ. krug. Related to Harangue, Rank a row,Rink.
(Homonym: wring).
1. A circular band of a precious metal worn on the finger; SYN. band.
2. One of a pair of heavy metal circles (usually covered with leather) suspended by ropes; used for gymnastic exercises.
3. Anything having a circular shape; SYN. halo, annulus, anulus, doughnut, anchor ring.
4. The sound of a bell ringing; SYN. ringing, tintinnabulation.
5. A characteristic sound.
Circlet, usually of precious metal, sometimes set with gems, worn on a finger as a decoration or token. The origin of the wedding ring is uncertain, but betrothal rings were bestowed in Roman times. Rings were used for money in ancient Egypt and elsewhere. Their connection with the church still survives in instances such as the English coronation.

7. tire


Sinonimi: tyre

ETYM Aphetic form of attire; Old Eng. tir, a tir. Related to Attire.
(Alternate spelling: tyre).
Covering for a wheel; SYN. tyre.

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