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Prevod reči: obavljati

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obavljati [ glagol ]

administer [ glagol ]
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To work in an administrative capacity; supervise; SYN. administrate.
Said of medications: to dispense, to distribute.
To administer ritually; said of church sacraments.
Direct the taking of
Give or apply (medications)
Administer or bestow, as in small portions

carry on [ glagol ]
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To carry farther; to advance, or help forward; to continue.
To manage, conduct, or prosecute.
To behave in a wild, rude, or inappropriate manner.
When you carry on, you continue as before, despite a difficult experience in your life.

officiate [ glagol ]
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To act as an official in a specific function; SYN. function.
To act in an official capacity in some ceremony or ritual
To conduct a ceremony, such as a wedding

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