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Prevod reči: neumoljiv

Smer prevoda: srpski > engleski

neumoljiv [ pridev ]

flinty [ pridev ]
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Having austere inflexibility; SYN. granitic, unyielding.
Showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings; SYN. obdurate, stony.
Unyielding; stern

implacable [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin implacabilis; pref. im- not + placabilis: cf. French implacable. Related to Placable.
Impossible to placate; not to be appeased; irreconcilable.

inexorable [ pridev ]
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ETYM Latin inexorabilis: cf. French inexorable. Related to In- not, and Exorable, Adore.
Not to be persuaded or altered; firm; unyielding; unchangeable.
Unalterable; relentless.

irreducible [ pridev ]
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Incapable of being made smaller or simpler.

pitiless [ pridev ]
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Deficient in humane and kindly feelings; SYN. unkind.
Without mercy or pity; SYN. remorseless, ruthless, unpitying.

steely [ pridev ]
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Of or pertaining to steel; resembling steel, having the properties of steel
Resembling steel as in hardness
Resembling steel in hardness.

stern [ pridev ]
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(Nautical) Pertaining to the after part of a vessel.
Severe and unremitting in making demands; SYN. strict, exacting.

unrelenting [ pridev ]
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Not relenting; unyielding; stern.

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