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Prevod reči: nestati

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nestati [ glagol ]


bunk [ glagol ]
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To provide with a bunk.

burn off [ glagol ]
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To clear land of its vegetation by burning it off.
To use up (energy); SYN. burn, burn up.

clear up [ glagol ]
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To become clear; SYN. clear, light up, brighten.
When a problem, misunderstanding, or disease goes away, it clears up.

dematerialise [ glagol ]
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Alternate (chiefly British) spelling of dematerialize.

dematerialize [ glagol ]
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(Alternate spelling: dematerialise).
To become immaterial; disappear.

disappear [ glagol ]
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To get lost, esp. without warning or explanation; SYN. vanish, go away.

evanesce [ glagol ]
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To disappear gradually; as of emotions, for example; SYN. fade, blow over, pass off, fleet, pass.
To fade away; vanish.

go west [ glagol ]
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lapse [ glagol ]
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To drop to a lower level; as in one's morals or standards; SYN. backslide.
To end, at least for a long time
To let slip

merge [ glagol ]
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To mix together, or to fuse together -- especially said of groups or companies

pass [ glagol ]
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To travel past, as of a vehicle; SYN. overtake, overhaul.
To cause to pass:; SYN. make pass.
To go across or through; SYN. go through, go across.
To succeed at a test or a screening
To place into the hands or custody of; SYN. hand, reach, pass on, turn over, give.
To transfer to another; of rights or property
To accept or judge as acceptable
To allow to go without comment or censure:
To get a passing grade in an exams; SYN. nail, make it.
1To go unchallenged; be approved; SYN. clear.
1To throw (a ball) to another player

pass away [ glagol ]
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To go out of existence

vamoose [ glagol ]
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To depart quickly.

vamose [ glagol {arhaično, zastarelo} ]
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vanish [ glagol ]
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To become invisible or unnoticeable; SYN. disappear, go away.
To cease to exist; SYN. disappear.
To decrease rapidly, as of money; SYN. fly.

wear off [ glagol ]
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To diminish or remove by attrition or slow decay; as, to wear off the nap of cloth.
To pass away by degrees.
When the surface of something is gradually removed by friction or exposure to the elements so that what is beneath the surface is exposed, the surface wears off.
When the effects of drugs or alcohol gradually go away, they wear off.
When an emotional feeling gradually goes away, it wears off.

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